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Are you eligible for AquaFold's Open Source Software (OSS) Developer License?

Open Source Licenses are provided to non-commercial open source (definition of open source) software developers who are actively involved in OSS development.

How to request an Open Source Developer License:

To request an Open Source license, please make sure that you meet or exceed the following requirements:

1. You are a committer or project lead/head.
2. You personally have been working on your open source project for a minimum of 3 months.
3. Your community is currently active, meaning that you have recent activity on your forums or newsgroups
4. You release updated builds on a regular basis.

Email us at and include ALL of the following in your email message:

1. The full name of your open source project.
2. A hyperlink to your open source project web site.
3. A hyperlink to your community forums/mailing-lists.
4. A hyperlink to your web site content confirming/illustrating your personal involvement, contribution and participation in that open source project.
5. A hyperlink to the source code repository or a link to the source code and license agreement for the project.

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