is an online service enabling Software Professionals to Collaborate, Analyze and Innovate. AquaClusters demonstrates our belief that development tools can be much more intuitive and social, enabling you to be much more efficient and effective. Learn more.

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AquaClusters is Free! All public and private projects are free and come with unlimited team members and storage. AquaClusters is designed for the Open Source Software Community, Educational Institutions and Businesses.

AquaClusters Highlights

Issue Tracking, Wikis, Discussions, Answers

Every project comes loaded with everything you need to stay on top of your project development activities and stay in touch with your customers.

Create your software professional network

Fill out your profile, connect and share with your fellow collaborators, participate in public projects and build your reputation.

Notes - Your personal vault

Store your next great idea or content from around the web. Notes are only accessible by you and fully searchable.

Team management with fine-grained permissions

Invite users to join your private projects and decide who gets view, create, edit and delete access on a per object basis. All content in public projects is viewable by everyone but you still control who can edit what.

Reliable and Secure

With 99.9% uptime, redundant backups, 24x7 monitoring and SSL encryption, you can rest assured that our systems are secured and running whenever you need them.


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