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Issue Tracking - Stay on top of your development

Beautiful user interface

A highly refined user interface makes it easy to navigate through issues, assign issues and keep track of the latest updates.

Know who's doing what

Issue Reports provide you a bird's eye view by visually summarizing important statistics and give you the ability to drill into any of them.

Collaborate on Issues

Solving issues involves interaction amongst many people. AquaClusters makes it easy to invite users to participate and automatically keeps track of resulting changes. Users can like issues to voice their support.


Powerful Search & Filters

Find exactly what you're looking for by searching across all issue fields including description, comments, labels, users and many more. Create filters to save your search criteria for one click access in the future.

Take your data with you

Going offline? Or perhaps you want to do some further data anlysis in a spreadsheet? Export all your issues, any time, in either Excel or CSV format.

Like and Share

Like an issue to voice your interest. Share an issue to invite users to participate in the issue.

Track the way you want

AquaClusters provides over 10 fields to help categorize your issues. And with labels, you get unlimited flexibility in deciding how best to organize your issues.

Fine grained permissions

AquaClusters lets you specify view, create, edit and delete permissions on issues, comments, attachments, components and versions. You could use this to give your entire team view access but only allow developers to create issues and only allow project mangers to create components and versions.

Your personal notification assistant

Tired of logging in to see what's new in your queue? You can tell AquaClusters to automatically notify you when you are assigned an issue. You can also track changes to individual issues or be notified of any issue change in the entire project.

Attach anything

AquaClusters lets you attach most file types below a certain file size. We understand that besides images, users need to be able to attach crash logs, stack traces, etc.

Components & Versions

Each issue is assigned a component and a version. Components help you group issues into smaller sub-features and versions indicate a timeframe to fix the issue. Both objects are fully customizable lists to match your project needs.

Comments & Change History

AquaClusters makes collaboration easy by supporting commenting on issues and liking comments. However, keeping track of all these interactions can get messy. To assist, AquaClusters automatically tracks all issue changes in a change history log and displays all comments and changes in a single consolidated view.


Wiki Books - Create great documentation

Easy to use

Create awesome documentation using AquaClusters's intuitive WYSIWYG content editor. Embed images, create tables, change font styles and much more without learning any special markup. If you prefer to rollup your sleeves, dive into HTML source code mode and write your own HTML.

Never lose an edit

Your docs are versioned every time you save. You can always view a detailed revision history and revert to any previous version.


Work together to get more done

Wiki Books are designed for people to collaborate by centrally creating and sharing documents and ideas.

Organize your content

Organize Wiki Books by custom created categories. Within each book, create a page hierarchy to suit your needs. Easily change your hierarchy by moving and reordering pages.

Powerful search

Find any wiki content by searching across all books or narrow your search by book, by date modified or created by.

Your personal notification assistant

Want to be notified every time someone has a comment on content you created? Or perhaps you want to keep track of all activity on a given book? You can, using AquaCluster's notification system.

Fine grained permissions

AquaClusters lets you specify view, create, edit and delete permissions on wiki books, wiki pages, wiki comments and wiki attachments. You could use this to give your entire team view and comment access but only allow your content creators to edit wiki pages.


Wiki Books are social. Voice your interest by liking individual pages and commenting.

Meta tags

To optimize your content for search engines, you can specify a custom page title, meta description tag and meta keyword tag per wiki page.


Discussion Groups - Online discussions made easy

Share with your different groups

Groups let you share things with the people who will care about them the most. By creating separate groups for product announcements, user feedback and internal brainstorming, you keep each group focused.

Fast response

With a streamlined design and social aspects such as Like and Comment, you won't spend time waiting for page loads and be able to participate immediately.


Stay in the loop

You choose what posts you want to be notified on and how -- home page notifications and/or email notifications. Get automatically notified anytime someone comments on your post or follow all posts in a discussion group.

Share links & attachments

To make it easy to share ideas and collaborate, AquaClusters lets you embed links, images and most types of file attachments.

Powerful Search

Find any post by searching across all groups or narrow your search by group, by date posted or posted by.

Moderate conversations

If you choose to moderate discussions, you decide who can approve and reject user posts. Moderators can approve posts via email or inside the application.


Answers - Build your knowledge base

Ask Questions

Ask a question using our rich content editor and let your community suggest answers. Like answers you find most helpful.

Get Answers

Our powerful search makes it easy to find any answer. You can filter by question or answer, by date asked or asked by.

Keep your content relevant

If you enable moderation, moderators review every question and answer before allowing the community to see it. You pick your moderators amongst existing projection members.


Watch questions

Interested in specific questions? Follow them to get notified on your home page or via email any time an answer is posted.

Browse popular questions

You can easily see the most viewed questions. If some are unanswered, build your reputation by suggesting your own answer.

Build knowledge collaboratively

Allow your community to post questions and answer them. Like answers to rank the most popular ones.


Social - Build your software professional network

Connect with your peers

Build your software professional network by connecting with your peers and user base. Share your status updates with them to keep them informed and stay in touch.

About you

AquaClusters has rich user profiles. You can fill in your current and past positions, your education, your skill set and more. Completing your profile also lets you like items and create free private projects.


Build your reputation

Your reputation is an indication of how much the community trusts you. Participate in public projects and if users like your posted content, your reputation increases!

Activity Feed

AquaClusters has a real-time activity feed which shows status updates from your connections plus updated from projects you're following. Have something to say? Shout out to the world or just to your connections.


Keep track of all your invitations - the ones you've sent and the ones you've received. You can accept connection and project invites from here as well as send out invitations too.

Express yourself

We've made it a breeze to share your ideas by liking and commenting on all user created content.


Notes - Your personal vault


All data stored in notes is only accessible by you. Store your next great idea or content from around the web here.

Powerful Search

Find any note by just entering a snippet of text. Narrow your search by label, by title, by attachment name or by date.

Stay organized

Use labels to categorize your notes. Unlike folders, multiple labels can be added to a single note. You can also create a hierarchy by adding a sub-label beneath a label.


You can take it with you

Export all your notes into a single zip file for offline access or if you just want to keep another backup. AquaClusters makes it simple - one click export.

Attach anything

Attach images, documents, zip files or most any other type of content.


Team management - Scalable to meet your needs

Out-of-box roles

Every project comes pre-configured with 5 roles to get you started immediately. Invite users, assign them a pre-configured role such as Developer or QA Engineer and start collaborating immediately.

Enterprise ready

AquaClusters provides very in-depth team management functionality for those who need it. We provide over 80 configurable permissions so you can setup your security model just the way you want. Create roles to save your configured permissions and then assign users to roles. This allows for tremendous flexibility as people move in and out of your organization or if the definition of your role changes.


Powerful search

Can't quite remember how to correctly spell a user's name? No worries. Just enter a fragment of their name, and we'll search through first names, last names, usernames and email addresses to find a match.

Easy to use

Many times you might have seen rich permission functionality but terribly hard to use. Don't worry, we've designed a very streamlined interface to create roles, change permissions and map users to roles.

Designed for security

AquaClusters is designed for security and reliability with features like encrypted connections to our servers, simultaneous replicated storage for your data and fine-grained sharing controls that let you share content with the right people.

Export your user list

If you have the necessary permission, you can export your project's entire user list into Excel or CSV file with just a single click.


Give it a try

Experience AquaClusters first hand and decide for yourself. Sign up for free today and see why so many software professionals are using AquaClusters.