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On-Demand & Automated Business Reports
Aqua Data Server

Using Aqua Data Server, you can build dynamic reporting solutions for your users, allowing them to generate their own reports using simple forms. Any authorized user can then create comprehensive and stunning reports and graphs by entering in basic parameters—date ranges, value thresholds, lists of values, etc. Reports may be generated on-demand, or automatically at predefined times using Aqua Data Server's built-in job scheduler. They can be saved as TXT, HTML or Excel files, and automatically sent to multiple e-mail recipients; report data can even be encrypted when sent outside of the enterprise. Reports are built using AquaScripts—a JavaScript-based programming language that provides access to Aqua Open APIs. Aqua Data Studio offers a convenient scripting IDE with JavaScript syntax highlighting and debugging capabilities for quickly developing and deploying your solutions to Aqua Data Server.

Use these Aqua Data Server packages: