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Scheduled Automated Unit Tests
Aqua Data Server

With Aqua Data Server, you can build an automated framework for testing components of your applications, including web-based applications, and perform load testing of your network systems. Aqua Open APIs provide a set of methods for accessing different types of data sources, emulating web requests and responses, and generating datasets. Datasets may contain numerical, date or string types. You may also use random data by taking advantage of algorithms provided by the Random package in Aqua Open APIs. Random datasets can even be limited to a specific range of values or dates. Automated testing routines are implemented in the form of AquaScripts—a JavaScript-based programming language— and deployed on Aqua Data Server for on-demand or scheduled execution using the built-in scheduler. Aqua Open APIs include functions for accessing the local file system in order to read local files with test data, or to save automated test reports on a local computer.