AquaProject Solution Examples

Below are AquaProjects which are example solutions to common database and IT related problems. Click on one to find out what it does. After downloading a solution, follow the steps listed below.

Get Started With an Example Project

Below are the steps for using a downloaded, zipped AquaProject.

1. Extract the download
2. right click select Mount
3. Select unzipped directory to mount
4. Project mounts, ready to be edited

"Hello World!" Project

Starter project. Demonstrates project creation, debugging and deployment techniques, basic input/output functions and GUI controls in HTML forms.

Download example file

Browser output

Database Schema and Data exporter

Exports the schema DDL and table data of a database. Creates a .ddl file for each instance of a schema object type in the database. Also creates either a csv, xml or xls file containing all table data. If generating csv or xml files, a separate file is created per table. Optionally, creates a zip, tar or gz archive containing all generated files.

Download example file

Schema DDL output
Table data output

Random table and data generation

Generates a table creation script containing varying number of tables, columns and field types and executes the script against the specified DB. Also populates the tables with random data based upon field type.

Download example file

Random tables and columns created
Tables populated with random data

Schema Compare of many slave servers to a single master server

Iterates through each slave server and compare its schema with the master server. Any schema differences are written to disk in HTML format.

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Diff output

Run multiple SQL Scripts against multiple servers

Executes the set of SQL Scripts contained in the Project's "User Files" folder against the set of defined servers in the Project's "Servers" folder.

Download example file

Execution Output

Encrypted backup of multiple SVN projects

Backs up a user specified set of SVN folders and stores the contents into a single AES encrypted zip file.

Download example file

Encrypted Zip File Output

Financial Overlays

Overlay charts for securities price data, including Moving Average, Envelopes, Keltner Cannel, Bollinger Bands. Allow selecting securities and changing chart parameters.

Download example file

Detailed Description: Financial Overlays

CandleStick Plot
Moving Average (MA), Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
Moving Average Envelopes
Bollinger Bands
Keltner Channel
Ichimoku Clouds

Technical Indicators

Charts of widely used technical indicators for securities price data including Moving Average Convergence-Divergence, Relative Strength Index, Stochastic Oscillator, On Balance Volume and Detrended Price Oscillator. Allow selecting security and changing chart parameters.

Download example file

Detailed Description: Technical Indicators

Relative Strength Index (RSI)
Stochastic Oscillator
On Balance Volume (OBV)
Detrended Price Oscillator (DPO)

Portfolio Management and Risk Analysis Charts

Examples of reports and charts that use and compare data of a set of securities (a portfolio), including risk analysis for a given security vs. a portfolio of securities, risk/performance analysis for different portfolios, stock prices correlation data and reports that help selecting stocks for a diversified portfolio.

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Detailed Description: Portfolio Management and Risk Analysis Charts

Stock Volatility
Risk / Performance
Stock Correlations

Using a custom Java library in an AquaScript

Example AquaScript which uses a custom Java library. The custom Java library can be used in Aqua Data Studio.

Download example file

Aqua Data Studio Custom Java Library Location
Aqua Data Studio Custom Java Library Output

Company Revenue Project: Generate Pivot Charts from HTML form input and email results as Excel

Example AquaProject that connects to a database, creates a Basic and Advanced report containing charts and pivots from the data, responds to form input, generates an Excel file of the report, and allows emailing the report as an attached Excel file through an HTML form within the report itself. Icons in the dashboard toolbar link the Basic and Advanced Report AquaScript (.xjs) files.

Download example file

Aqua Data Studio Company Revenue Basic
Aqua Data Studio Company Revenue Advanced
Aqua Data Studio Company Revenue Generate Excel Report
Aqua Data Studio Company Revenue Email Excel Report
Aqua Data Studio Company Revenue Files Linked by Icons