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We're proud to announce the release of Aqua Data Studio 13.0, the latest version of our universal database tool and award-winning IDE which now natively supports Greenplum, Vertica and SQLite. Version 13 also introduces several chart enhancements, including color themes that let you make more vivid charts in far less time. Our Git version control tools are now easier to use, with reorganized menus and other improvements. We've enhanced Aqua Data Studio's database version support to include DB2 z/OS v10, MySQL 5.5, Netezza 7, Sybase ASE 15.7, and Sybase IQ 15.4.

With 20+ supported RDBMS products, you can use Aqua Data Studio's tools with more RDBMS servers than ever before.

1 License, 1 User, UNLIMITED Databases
One single-user license of Aqua Data Studio provides a user unlimited native support to 20 major database vendors along with generic JDBC/ODBC support for any number of additional database vendors.

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Big Data and Embedded Database Support
Greenplum Support
With this version of Aqua Data Studio you can now natively connect to and use Greenplum: one of the major Big Data players in data warehousing. If you've used Aqua Data Studio to work with PostgreSQL, then you'll have no problem getting accustomed to the tools we provide you for working with Greenplum. Learn more
Greenplum Support
Vertica Support Vertica Support
Native support for Vertica now brings Aqua Data Studio's full toolset to anyone working on Vertica. We're glad to bring our database developer IDE to the powerful data warehousing Vertica platform. Learn more
SQLite Support
We now support the most commonly embedded database engine, SQLite, providing you all the tools you've come to expect from Aqua Data Studio. Learn more
SQLite Support
Chart Enhancements
Chart Color Themes
Choose from several preconfigured color themes to automatically select background gradients, series colors, chart text colors, and title colors that work well with one another. Learn more
Chart Color Themes
Right-click Context Menus Right-click Context Menus
You can quickly jump to the options you need to modify by right clicking within the chart and choosing the appropriate item from the context menu; be it font, title or legend position. Learn more
Text Color Control
Select the colors you want for Title, Axes Title, Chart Labels and more. Making vivid charts that highlight what you want is now much easier. Learn more
Text Color Control
Explode Top N Pie Slices Explode Top N Pie Slices
Highlight the largest pie slices in a pie chart by exploding only those slices from the pie, making your charts more vivid and informative. Learn more
Chart Toolbar Buttons and More
Get faster access to common options like swapping 2D/3D chart types, Fit Image to Window, and Show Hide Data Labels with our new Chart Toolbar. There are even more enhancements to make Charts more attractive and easier to manipulate. Learn more
Chart Toolbar Buttons and more
Latest Database Upgrades
More Sybase Support
Aqua Data Studio now supports Sybase ASE 15.7 and Sybase IQ 15.4 natively, allowing you to use them just as easily as the other Sybase products we already support. Learn more
More Sybase Support
DB2 z/OS 10 Support DB2 z/OS 10 Support
Along with our preexisting support for DB2 z/OS 8 and 9, we've added full support for DB2 z/OS 10. Learn more
Netezza 7 Support
Aqua Data Studio now supports version 7 of Netezza. Use all the tools Aqua Data Studio already provides for Netezza 6. Learn more
Netezza 7 Support
MySQL 5.5 Support MySQL 5.5 Support
With version 13 you can now fully access MySQL 5.5. Learn more
Git Enhancements
Reorganized Git Menus Reorganized Git Menus
Use Git the way you would expect, with better menu arrangement. Push, Pull and Fetch appear near one another. Learn more
Clone Repository
Clone A Git repository with just a few clicks, instead of having to use several menu choices.
Learn more
Clone Repository
Add Working Copy Add Working Copy
You can quickly add a local git repository to Aqua Data Studio by using our new Add Working Copy option from the Git Version Control context menus. Learn more
Free Download & Evaluation
Aqua Data Studio 13.0 comes with more new features that build on what is already the best IDE for all your relational database needs. It's absolutely free to try. Download now.

You can install and evaluate Aqua Data Studio v13.0 without removing your previous version. This will allow you to swap back and forth between versions as necessary. Version 13.0 will automatically detect all of your registered servers and customizations.
Learn more about Aqua Data Studio features:
Version 13.0 New Features
All Aqua Data Studio Features
For licensing questions, subscription renewals or upgrading to version 13.0, please contact us at For technical support, you may use our discussion forums, issue tracking system or contact us directly at


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