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We're proud to announce the release of Aqua Data Studio 17.0, the latest version of our universal database tool and award-winning IDE which now includes native support for SAP HANA, Google BigQuery, and Apache Spark. Our new release offers many new enhancements including expanding our Excel SQL capabilities, a new Excel import wizard, a new MongoDB UI for JavaScript and DBA Tools and Explain Plans for many more databases. Version 17 also adds significant new Visual Analytics features such as nine new charts, reference lines and box plots, R integration, enhanced Dashboard and more.

We now support over 28 RDBMS servers and version 17 extends our support to Teradata Aster 6.1, PostgreSQL 9.4, IBM DB2 z/OS 11, VoltDB 5.5, HortonWorks 2.3, Cloudera 5.4, MapR 5.0, and SQLite 3.8.10.

1 License, 1 User, UNLIMITED Databases
One single-user license of Aqua Data Studio provides a user unlimited native support to 28 major database vendors along with generic JDBC/ODBC support for any number of additional database vendors.

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Big Data and Cloud Data
SAP HANA, Google BigQuery and Apache Spark
Use Aqua Data Studio to make native connections to SAP HANA, Google BigQuery, and Apache Spark. Features include Visual Editor, ER Modeler, Schema Script Generator, Visual Analytics, and Query Builder. Learn more
MongoJS Query Analyzer MongoJS Query Analyzer
Our new MongoJS Query Analyzer can execute MongoDB JavaScript commands and display the results in a tree hierarchy, grid results and text results. MongoJS also supports autocompletion, syntax highlighting and pretty print JSON text results. Learn more
Excel Enhancements
We now support MS Excel WHERE, ORDER BY, GROUP BY, HAVING, and JOIN clauses that give you the ability to connect, query, and generate results from XLS and XLSX files. Learn more
Excel Import Wizard Excel Import Wizard
Our new Excel Import tool imports data directly from single or multiple Excel sheets into existing or new database tables. Learn more
Database Administration
Expanded DBA Tools
Our DBA Tools now include support for Amazon RedShift, Greenplum, Informix, Netezza, ParAccel, PostgreSQL, Sybase Anywhere, Sybase IQ, Teradata Aster, Teradata, and Vertica. Learn more
Expanded DBA Tools
Visual Explain Plans Visual Explain Plans
You can now use Explain Plans in Text format for Amazon Redshift, Greenplum, MySQL, Netezza, ParAccel, PostgreSQL, and Teradata Aster to help reduce SQL query bottlenecks. Learn more
Visual Analytics
Nine New Charts
We've added nine new charts: Filled Map, Highlight Table, Heat map, Funnel, Gauge, Horizon, Mekko, Radar, and Sunburst so you can produce the data visualizations you need. Learn more
Nine New Charts
Reference Lines and Box plots Reference Lines and Box plots
Reference lines, bands, distributions and box plots offer a powerful new way to highlight aspects of specific interest in a given data set. Learn more
R Integration with Visual Analytics
R integration enables you to incorporate advanced statistical computing directly into Visual Analytics. Learn more
R Integration with Visual Analytics
Text and Images in Dashboard Text and Images in Dashboard
You can now add Text and Image objects in dashboards. These objects increase the visual appeal of your dashboards and enable you to share key analysis about your data. Learn more
Customizable Color Legend
Our new color legend provides sequential and diverging color themes, the freedom to divide colors into discrete steps and a customizable color gradient range. Learn more
Customizable Color Legend
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You can install and evaluate Aqua Data Studio v17.0 without removing your previous version. This will allow you to swap back and forth between versions as necessary. Version 17.0 will automatically detect all of your registered servers and customizations.
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For licensing questions, subscription renewals or upgrading to version 17.0, please contact us at For technical support, you may use our discussion forums, issue tracking system or contact us directly at


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