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We're proud to announce the release of Aqua Data Studio 18.0, the latest version of our universal database tool and award-winning IDE which now features Redesigned Editors with significant usability and functional enhancements. Our new release also includes Schema Synchronization, a new Connection Monitor tool to ping database connections and execute queries on a periodic basis, Explain Plans for Amazon Redshift and Teradata, Google BigQuery Standard SQL support and AquaScript templates for your most common scripting needs. Version 18.0 adds significant new Visual Analytics features such as symbol map and bullet charts, chart highlighting, PDF export, advanced sorting and much more.

We support over 28 RDBMS servers and version 18 extends our support to Apache Hive 2.1, Cloudera 5.8, Hortonworks 2.5, DB2 LUW 11.1, MapR 5.1, MongoDB 3.4, MySQL 5.7, PostgreSQL 9.5, SQL Server 2016, Vertica 8.0 and VoltDB 6.8.

1 License, 1 User, UNLIMITED Databases
One single-user license of Aqua Data Studio provides a user unlimited native support to 28 major database vendors along with generic JDBC/ODBC support for any number of additional database vendors.

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Schema Compare & Synchronization
Schema Synchronization
You can now seamlessly deploy differences from your source schema to your target schema for Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase ASE and DB2 LUW. A wizard allows you to select dependencies, map missing columns, configure your script to fix potential deployment issues, view a summary of actions and warnings and generate the deployment script to execute in Query Analyzer. Learn more
Schema Synchronization
Schema Compare Enhancements Schema Compare Enhancements
The Schema Compare Results UI now groups results according to the type of differences and offers a more powerful and streamlined Search capability. You can also specify the source and the target schema objects to synchronize. Learn more
Database Administration
Connection Monitor Tool
Our new all-in-one connection monitor tool offers the ability to ping database connections on a periodic basis, refresh results in your Query Window at a specified interval and turn on auto-commit after the idle threshold is exceeded. Learn more
Connection Monitor Tool
Visual Explain Plans Visual Explain Plans
Our Visual Explain Plan capabilities are now available for Amazon Redshift and Teradata.
Visual Analytics
Symbol Map & Bullet Charts
We now offer two new charts: Symbol Map and Bullet so you can produce the data visualizations you need.
Symbol Map & Bullet Charts
Chart Highlighting Chart Highlighting and Enhanced Axes, Sorting, and Filters
Use chart highlighting to emphasize specific chart segments and perform an empirical analysis on them. In addition, you can now specify a fixed axis range, sort data based on any field in your dataset and create relative date filters.
Redesigned Editors
Usability and Functional Enhancements
The redesigned editors offer enhanced Status, Annotation, and Marker bars, streamlined Find and Replace functionality, changing font size (zooming) in active editor and Punctuation completion features. Learn more
Usability and Functional Enhancements
SQL Editor Enhancements SQL Editor Enhancements
The SQL Editor has been enhanced to support code folding, navigate amongst errors in text results pane, provide an improved autocompletion matching algorithm and sort autocompletion entries either lexicographically or by relevance. Learn more
AquaScript Editor Enhancements
We have greatly simplified the task of writing AquaScripts by providing six templates for your most common scripting needs. The AquaScript Editor has also been enhanced to support code folding, provide an improved autocompletion matching algorithm, navigate amongst errors/warnings and facilitate real-time indexing. Learn more
AquaScript Editor Enhancements
Diff and Compare Enhancements Diff and Compare Enhancements
We now provide a smarter difference engine and have simplified your diff related tasks. An improved UI supports syntax highlighting, an annotation bar to customize your editor settings, collapsing unchanged fragments and more. You can now compare and synchronize the content of your directories using our brand new Directory Compare interface. Learn more
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You can install and evaluate Aqua Data Studio v18.0 without removing your previous version. This will allow you to swap back and forth between versions as necessary. Version 18.0 will automatically detect all of your registered servers and customizations.
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