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July 2012
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We are proud to announce our latest version of Aqua Data Server, designed to help organizations simplify and lower the cost of their custom Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing development projects. Aqua Data Server is a highly scalable multi-threaded software framework that provides a rich web based GUI, enterprise grade security and implements a JavaScript engine, a charting engine, a scheduling engine, a full fledged web application server and the Aqua Open API library for ETL, Reporting and Data Analysis.
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Learn More About Aqua Data Server
About Aqua Data Server
Aqua Data Server v2.0
With Aqua Data Server, many different types of users including Database Administrators, Software Developers, Data Analysts and Statisticians can centralize and automate data processing tasks such as executing queries, rendering charts on data-sets, programming complex ETL operations, synchronizing multiple data sources and creating migration scripts. Recurring tasks can be scheduled for automated execution and users can receive data in the format of their choice (Email, HTML or Excel files). Once built, these data processing routines can be securely re-used by anyone within an organization with the appropriate permissions. No database skills or special software is needed since users can simply access these customized routines from our web based GUI, execute the routines with their custom parameters and receive personalized results. Aqua Data Server supports connections to more than a dozen of the most popular database vendors, features extensive graphical capabilities and provides APIs for hundreds of database functions. Learn more
Aqua Data Server extends your existing investment in Aqua Data Studio
Centralized repository to store and execute all your scripts
Create and debug your SQL scripts and AquaScripts in Aqua Data Studio and then use Studio's integrated deployment feature to one-click deploy to Aqua Data Server. Users with the appropriate permission can use Server's web based GUI to execute and further refine the script. Learn more
Enterprise Job Scheduler Enterprise job scheduler for script execution
Scripts created in Aqua Data Studio and deployed in Aqua Data Server can be scheduled for execution by the job scheduler. Simple one-off schedules or complex recurring schedules for executing tens-of-thousands of scripts may be created. Users can view individual job histories while administrators can see the entire job queue and pause or cancel jobs if needed. Learn more
Highly scalable chart engine to generate high resolution, web-based graphs and charts
Build interactive reports and charts in Aqua Data Studio, deploy these to Aqua Data Server and securely share them with other users. Instead of emailing out-of-date reports, users can leverage your custom dashboards to get access to real time charts and graphs. Learn more
Graphs and Charts
Enterprise Security Enterprise grade security including user, application and network security
Do you have a need to share scripts and reports created in Aqua Data Studio with others in a secure and tightly controlled environment? Or perhaps you want certain users to only execute reports while other users need to modify them? Aqua Data Server offers a very granular permission based model which enables administrators and project owners to assign permissions to users via our web based GUI. In addition, Aqua Data Server offers system level password policy enforcement, captcha to deter unauthorized access and http only access. Learn more
What's New in Aqua Data Server 2.0
Enhanced Private and Public User Profiles
Showcase your skills and talents to increase engagement within your organization. Aqua Data Server users can choose to make some or all of their profile information available to the Public or their Connections. Each user has an Activity Stream within their profile which lets your connections see what you have been up to. Public Profiles allow anyone, including people who aren't Aqua Data Server users, to see a portion of your profile that you choose to make public. Learn more
Enhanced Profiles
Status Sharing "Status" and "Link" Sharing
With version 2.0 of Aqua Data Server, we have added a Network Activity feed to every user's home page allowing users to post a status update, share a link and comment or like anything that appears within it. Made an edit to an AquaScript that you want your coworkers to know about? Want feedback on what to display in a Project Workspace? Anything you'd like others to know about can be posted from your user home Network Activity Status. It's possible to restrict what you're posting to your connections, or let any user know about it. Learn more
Enhanced User Home Page
The user Home Page  has been enhanced to include Network Activities, a continuously updated list of what other users are up to within Aqua Data Server. Users can respond to what they see in the Network Activity by commenting on a post, sharing a URL or merely "Liking" what is being posted by others.  Each user's Projects list is now divided into Private Projects and Public Projects, so that it's easier find the project you are looking for and navigate directly into the specific area of a project you want to see. Learn more
User Home Page
Project Explorer Open Projects Explorer
Users can browse the entire repository of Public projects. The projects are conveniently categorized. Learn more
Enhanced Scheduler
With Aqua Data Server v2.0, the Scheduler has been enhanced to support running jobs once a minute or even once a second.   An improved Date Time Selection GUI makes choosing the correct date and time (down to the second) for creating your scheduled jobs as easy as moving a slider back and forth. Start and End Dates are highlighted on the calendar after they have been chosen. Learn more
Status Sharing
Free Download & Evaluation
Aqua Data Server offers a fully functional evaluation version. Download today!
Aqua Data Server Features:
Version 2.0 New Features
Aqua Data Server Features Summary
For licensing questions, subscription renewals or upgrading to version 2.0, please contact us at For technical support, please contact us at


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