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We're proud to announce the release of Aqua Data Studio 16.0, the latest version of our universal database tool and award-winning IDE which now includes major Visual Analytics enhancements. We support new Treemap Charts and Histograms, Trend Line options with Confidence Bands, Binning, Undo/Redo and much more. Version 16.0 also adds Visual Explain Plans for DB2 z/OS and pinning grid results across query re-execution. Our native Excel connections have dramatically improved performance.

We now support over 26 RDBMS servers and version 16 extends our support to Sybase ASE 16, Sybase Anywhere 16, SQL Server 2014, Greenplum 4.3, ParAccel 5.1, Informix 12.10, Apache Derby 10.11, Hortonworks 2.2, Cloudera 5.2, MongoDB 3.0, VoltDB 4.9, Teradata 15, Netezza 7.1, and Vertica 7.1.

1 License, 1 User, UNLIMITED Databases
One single-user license of Aqua Data Studio provides a user unlimited native support to 26 major database vendors along with generic JDBC/ODBC support for any number of additional database vendors.

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Visual Analytics - New Charts and Trend Lines
Generate Treemap Charts
Treemaps allow you to represent specific values with colors, making many types of data easier to understand. They are useful for showing hierarchical data and represents it as nested rectangles. Learn more
Generate Treemap Charts
More Choices for Trend Lines More Choices for Trend Lines
Choose from several Trend Line types like Linear, Logarithmic, Exponential and Polynomial. You can now display Confidence Bands and see more information on how lines are calculated to get full line details. Learn more
Domain Padding for Date Fields
In cases where dates are missing in your data, Trend Lines now fill in the gaps to make your visualizations more coherent. Learn more
Domain Padding for Date Fields
Visual Analytics - Calculated Fields
Aggregation Formulas in Calculated Fields Aggregation Formulas in Calculated Fields
Calculated Fields now give you the ability to apply aggregation formulas like STDEV and VARP. Learn more
Use More Calculated Field Functions
Calculated Fields now offer several more options for strings, dates, numbers, logical functions and table calculation functions. Learn more
Use More Calculated Field Functions
Use Table Calculation Functions Use Table Calculation Functions
By adding INDEX, FIRST_P(), LAST_P() and LOOKUP Table Calculation Functions, we're giving you more power to visualize what you need from your Table Calculations. Learn more
Visual Analytics - Parameters
Parameter Enhancements
With our improved Parameter Control, you can now specify a list of values or a range of values to choose from. Learn more
Parameter Enhancements
Parameterized Queries Parameterized Queries
Queries in Visual Analytics can now be parameterized, allowing you to set values as the queries are executed. If your query included a parameter, we automatically add it to the Parameters pane. Learn more
Visual Analytics - Binning
Generate Bins
Create bins to group continuous measure values into meaningful groups, which is particularly useful in our new Histograms. Learn more
Generate Bins
See Better Visualization Suggestions See Better Visualization Suggestions
Multiple new formulas have been added to our Visualization list, expanding the possibilities of what your data can help you visualize. Learn more
Visual Analytics - Table Calculations
Increased Flexibility
Table Calculations can now be applied to any Dimension field in your chart. Learn more
Increased Flexibility
Table Calculation Types Rank and Percentile Table Calculation Types Rank and Percentile
See how a particular value ranks, or discover what percentile a dimension falls in to. Learn more
Visual Analytics - Undo/Redo
Undo Changes
Now it is possible to undo or redo changes within Visual Analytics. Learn more
Undo Changes
Visual Analytics - Extracts and Data Sources
Replace a Data Source Replace a Data Source
Now it is possible to change an existing valid Data Source to use a different connection than what it started with. Learn more
Autocomplete Queries Within Worksheets
The Edit Query dialog within Visual Analytics now supports Query Autocompletion, giving you the power of our Query Analyzer from within a Visual Analytics Worksheet. Learn more
Autocomplete Queries Within
Paste clipboard data as a Data Source Paste clipboard data as a Data Source
Quickly create a Data Source from your clipboard with Data > Paste Data to generate an Excel file of it and use it as a connection within Visual Analytics. Learn more
Visual Analytics - Export Table as HTML
Save and Share as HTML
Now it is possible to export the currently viewed pivot table as HTML, making it easy to share your work. Learn more
Save and Share as HTML
Pin Query Analyzer Results
Pin Query Results Keep Previous Query Results Visible
You can now pin a query Grid Result so that it does not get cleared when a query is re-executed. Each query analyzer window can have multiple pinned tabs. Learn more
Excel Queries
Improved Excel Query Performance
Excel query results from large XLSX and XLS files are much faster. Queries that took nearly 40 seconds now complete in less than 15 seconds. Learn more
Improved Excel Query Performance
DB2 z/OS Visual Explain Plan
DB2 z/OS Visual Explain Plan Find DB2 z/OS Query Bottlenecks
Our Visual Explain Plan capabilities are now available for DB2 z/OS versions 9 and above. Learn more
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You can install and evaluate Aqua Data Studio v16.0 without removing your previous version. This will allow you to swap back and forth between versions as necessary. Version 16.0 will automatically detect all of your registered servers and customizations.
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