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We're proud to announce the release of Aqua Data Studio 14.0, the latest version of our universal database tool and award-winning IDE which now natively supports MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Apache Hive and SQL Database (Azure). For MongoDB, we're introducing MongoSQL - our SQL layer on top of MongoDB and MongoShell - an interactive JavaScript Shell that is nearly identical to the native mongo shell. Version 14 is chock-full of new features including Sybase IQ & ASE Visual Explain Plans, our revamped Git Client, blazing fast Sybase Bulk Imports, support for SQL Server Extended Properties, Emacs key bindings, Table Data Editor performance enhancements and Connection Clustering.

We now support over 24 RDBMS servers and version 14 extends our support to Oracle 12c, Sybase IQ 16, Teradata Aster 5, Teradata 14, MySQL 5.6, SQLite 3.7.15, ParAccel Analytic Platform 4 and Apache Derby 10.

1 License, 1 User, UNLIMITED Databases
One single-user license of Aqua Data Studio provides a user unlimited native support to 24 major database vendors along with generic JDBC/ODBC support for any number of additional database vendors.

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NoSQL Databases and Cloud Data
MongoDB Support
With Aqua Data Studio's support for MongoDB, we're making it possible to execute SQL queries against one of the most widely adopted NoSQL database management systems. Learn more
MongoDB Support
MongoShell for MongoDB Interactive JavaScript shell for MongoDB
MongoShell provides an interactive JavaScript shell with nearly identical syntax and functionality to the native mongo shell. We built it on top of FluidShell in order to provide you the ultimate combined functionality of a Unix Shell with a native mongo command line. Learn more
SQL Database (Azure) Support
Native support for SQL Database (Azure) now brings Aqua Data Studio's full toolset to anyone working with Microsofts cloud-based data storage. Connect to SQL Database just like you already do with MS SQL Server DBs. Learn more
SQL Database (Azure) Support
Apache Cassandra Support Apache Cassandra Support
Native support for Cassandra, the open source distributed database management system from the Apache Foundation, brings Aqua Data Studio's full toolset to anyone working on Cassandra. Learn more
Apache Hive Support
Native support for Hive, the data warehousing system for Hadoop, means you can leverage the power of Aqua Data Studio's data analysis across all your Hadoop compatible file systems. Learn more
Apache Hive Support
Sybase Visual Explain Plan
Sybase IQ and Sybase ASE Visual Explain Sybase IQ and Sybase ASE Visual Explain
Use our new Visual Explain Plans for Sybase ASE and Sybase IQ to tune your queries and optimize performance. Our diagrams and Explain reports make finding and eliminating bottlenecks easy. Learn more
Revamped Git Client
Stash, Stage and Browse
Our new Git Client allows performing tasks that weren't possible with our previous Git tools. Now, you can Stash with a simple button click to store your current changes away for later. Browse by Tag, Version, Remote and Branch. Learn more
Git - Stash, Stage and Browse
Git - Complete Commit Graph Complete Commit Graph
With this release, the Commit Graph is color-coded and multi-noded to make it easy to find out when a merge, branch or commit happened. Learn more
Customizable Editor Keybindings
Customizable Editor Keybindings More Keybinding Control plus Emacs
With configurable editor keybindings, make Aqua Data Studio's editor keyboard shortcuts work exactly how you want. For you Emacs die-hards, we've also introduced a pre-configured Emacs key mappings. Learn more
Sybase Bulk Import
Sybase Import 122x Faster
Use the Import Tool to Bulk Import data into your Sybase ASE or Sybase IQ databases with speed improvements of up to 112x. Learn more
Sybase Bulk Copy Import
Table Data Editor Performance Optimizations
Table Data Editor Performance Improvements Dramatic Speed Increases
Table Data Editor's performance has been dramatically improved for bulk operations on Big Data sets, up to 257x faster than previous versions. Learn more
SQL Server Extended Properties
Script, Alter, View Extended Properties
MS SQL Server Extended Properties have their own tab in the Visual Editors. You can Script > CREATE (FULL) on Schema Browser objects to script Extended Properties. Learn more
SQL Server Extended Properties
Connection Clustering
Connection Clustering Switch Databases without Cloning Servers
Gone are the days of registering one server per database in PostgreSQL, Teradata Aster, Greenplum, Netezza, ParAccel and Azure. With Connection Clustering, you can switch databases from a single registered server. Learn more
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Free Download & Evaluation
Aqua Data Studio 14.0 comes with more new features that build on what is already the best IDE for all your relational database needs. It's absolutely free to try. Download now.

You can install and evaluate Aqua Data Studio v14.0 without removing your previous version. This will allow you to swap back and forth between versions as necessary. Version 14.0 will automatically detect all of your registered servers and customizations.
Learn more about Aqua Data Studio features:
Version 14.0 New Features
All Aqua Data Studio Features
For licensing questions, subscription renewals or upgrading to version 14.0, please contact us at For technical support, you may use our discussion forums, issue tracking system or contact us directly at


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