AquaFold Opens Up With Open APIs in the Latest Release of Aqua Data Studio

Sunnyvale, CA — Oct 4, 2010 — AquaFold, Inc. has released Aqua Data Studio 9.0, a major upgrade to its universal database query and administration software that makes it simple to visualize and manipulate multiple relational databases from within a single interface. With every release the application has proven itself to be an indispensable tool for Business Analysts, Software Developers and Database Administrators (DBAs) worldwide, who save time and money by consolidating the design, development and maintenance of enterprise relational databases into one versatile application.

The most talked about features in version 9.0 are AquaScript and Open APIs, a powerful set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that open up the rich core functionality of Aqua Data Studio for automating tasks, scripting and customizing the application to specific user or enterprise needs. Processes that took multiple steps within Aqua Data Studio’s graphical interface can now be automated with just a single AquaScript.

“Our users constantly tell us about the unique ways they want to use Aqua Data Studio, but many of the additional features they ask for are too ‘user-specific’ to be built into the graphical application,” explains AquaFold’s Chief Software Architect, Niels Gron. “With AquaScripts and Open APIs, we’ve brought the user experience to a new level with unprecedented access to Aqua Data Studio’s core functionality.”

Never before has a database query tool offered users such a degree of versatility and simplicity. Gron is confident that companies standardizing on Aqua Data Studio will boost their efficiency by automating routine data management tasks with AquaScripts. The Aqua Open APIs behind the script engine allow users to query and modify multiple server connections from a single AquaScript, even when dealing with multiple relational database management systems from several vendors.

Aqua Data Studio 9.0 offers a full-fledged scripting environment based on JavaScript, making it easy for developers to get started without learning a new programming environment. Users can edit and debug AquaScripts conveniently within the same application or within a browser window for server deployment, and, like all Aqua Data Studio documents, scripts can be placed into a version control repository. AquaScripts may also be generated automatically—with no scripting required—from queries and pivot grids created using Aqua Data Studio’s intuitive graphical interface.

Version 9.0 continues to add and enhance other popular features that have made Aqua Data Studio the preferred tool for a whole set of data management applications. The popular Entity-Relationship Modeler has seen improvements in creating, understanding and sharing ER models. It now generates and publishes HTML reports listing all components in the database, and automatically formats ER diagrams for more convenient printing. The Charting tool in Aqua Data Studio 9.0 includes new types of visualizations to build charts in the form of a world map. Users can even highlight country borders and add numerical data in association with any region on the map.

Aqua Data Studio 9.0 works with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris and the Java Platform. It is available for immediate download at A complete list of new features and enhancements may be viewed at

The cost of a single-user commercial license for Aqua Data Studio 9.0 remains $399.00 USD. Current license holders with expired subscriptions can renew their subscriptions for $139.65 USD, just 35% of the new license price. Multi-license purchase discounts are also available and can be viewed at

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