AquaFold releases Version 7.0 of Aqua Data Studio in 11 languages, with a fully integrated Entity Relationship Modeler

Sunnyvale, CA — Oct 14, 2008 — AquaFold, Inc. has released Aqua Data Studio 7.0, a major upgrade to its versatile, multi-platform application which provides complete database administration and query tools for Oracle, DB2 for LUW, DB2 for iSeries, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, Informix, Apache Derby and PostgreSQL on Windows, OSX, Linux, Solaris and the Java Platform. Within this single application, database administrators, developers and financial analysts can save time and money in the design, development and maintenance of multiple enterprise relational databases.

Version 7.0 includes a new Entity Relationship Modeler, new Repository Browsers for CVS and Subversion (SVN), enhanced Compare Tools, Database Administration Tools for DB2 for LUW and MySQL, debuggers for DB2 and MS SQL Server with Step Into and Step Return features for all debuggers. The new version has been fully internationalized and translated into 11 different languages, including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian, German, Russian, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified) and Japanese.

The Entity Relationship (ER) Modeler has been completely redesigned, and includes enough new features and enhancements that it is now as powerful as a stand-alone database diagramming tool. Any database you access through Aqua Data Studio, regardless of vendor or version, can be diagrammed manually or automatically within the ER Modeler. The ER Modeler’s resulting Entity Relationship (ER) Diagrams are editable drawings of database relationships and objects within which database schemas and relationships can be created, explored, detailed and edited. The ER Modeler allows you to create, save, modify, share and print diagrams as well as extract diagrams from databases and save diagrams as images. The contents of ER Diagrams, once edited or created, are scriptable so that they can be converted into schema objects, allowing both forward and reverse engineering of database structures.

Aqua Data Studio 7.0’s Excel supported Grids, Pivot Grids and Graphs/Charts now include Pivot Grid and Chart sorting and a completely revamped Charting package. It is now possible to show different chart types per series within the same chart, such as a line graph within a column graph. Custom Chart options include gradient backgrounds, easy selection of Category and Series, comprehensive scaling and flexible legend integration. Chart templates can also be scripted for reuse or for sharing with team members so all charts have the same layout, sizing, coloring and titling.

Version 7.0 includes a complete set of enhancements for its compare tools. The compare tools allow customizable colors for highlighting of differences down to the individual character level. Splines now connect differences within comparison results for faster identification, and new side-by-side line numbering helps locate changes. All editors also come with in-line difference indicators that compare current working versions as live edits occur with previous versions from your version control repository.

The entire application has been internationalized, and it obtains its initial interface by checking the user’s OS language settings. Version 7.0 is translated into Spanish, French, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian, German, Russian, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified) and Japanese. Localization to other languages is in progress and new translations will become available as they are completed.

Aqua Data Studio 7.0 is available for immediate download at A complete description list of new features and enhancements may be viewed at The cost of a single-user commercial license is $399(USD). Multi-license purchase discounts are also available and can be viewed here

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