AquaFold releases Enterprise Sybase, MS SQL, Oracle, Server Database Administration Tools for Windows, Linux and OSX

Sunnyvale, CA — Oct 15, 2007 — AquaFold, Inc. has released Aqua Data Studio 6.5, a powerful upgrade to its already versatile, multi-platform application that provides complete database administration and query tools for Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, Informix, and PostgreSQL on Linux, OSX and Windows. Within this single application, database managers can save time and money in the design, development and maintenance of enterprise relational databases.

Version 6.5 includes new Source Control Support for Subversion and CVS. With Source Control, multiple users can store, check in and update scripts and other files from within Aqua Data Studio, eliminating the need for other versioning software. This will free system memory, and create a more efficient server update process. ADS also now has a SQL Debugger for Sybase and Oracle which allows users to locate and eliminate problems in SQL statements quickly and efficiently, eliminating the rigorous searching usually required to locate and correct errors.

One of the most powerful new features added to the Query Analyzer is its Excel supported Grids, Pivot Grids and Graphs/Charts which allow the grouping and summarizing of selected columns and rows of data into reports. Pivot Grids and Graphs display on multi-level split-panes which allow full control over size configurations persisting over multiple runs of the same query in the same query panel. Their configurations are saveable and reloadable into existing pivot tables for quick and efficient access later. The results can be visualized in three dimensional, fully rotatable graphs, and can be exported directly to, and from, Excel.

Version 6.5 includes a complete set of enhancements for Schema, Directory and File difference tools, including Object Permissions, Filtering by File Size, Background Processing, Refresh, Data Compare, Save as HTML, Preview in Browser, Difference Count and, for File Diff, the ability to Drag & Drop files into the tool. There is also a new Results Difference tool which gives users the ability to view differences between two result sets obtained from either the same or two different queries. The Results Difference tool also allows users to view where columns and rows have been added or deleted and where cells have been edited in different result sets.

In addition, there is now support for auto-completion across multiple databases which allows users to complete a table in a database other than the one they are currently working in. Users can now share the autocompletion schema data across different query windows through the new Global Auto Completion Cache which increases speed by minimizing memory consumption. There are a variety of client side command enhancements which are supported by Query Analyzer scripts, and a new Morph to Delimited List which allows users to convert a block of text into a delimited list with the appropriate options for completing a query or other documentation.

Aqua Data Studio 6.5 is available for immediate download at A complete list of new features and descriptions may be viewed at The cost of a single-user commercial license is $399(USD). Multi-license purchase discounts are also available and can be viewed here

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