AquaFold simplifies multi-platform database administration with Aqua Data Studio 3.5

Mountain View, CA — 10/20/2003 — AquaFold, Inc today announced the latest version of Aqua Data Studio, its universal database tool for building, managing and maintaining enterprise relational databases. Aqua Data Studio includes support for all major database platforms such as Oracle 8i/9i, IBM DB2, Informix Dynamic Server, Sybase Adaptive Server, Sybase Anywhere, Microsoft SQL Server and the open source databases MySQL and PostgreSQL. Developed with the Java programming language, Aqua Data Studio supports all major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Solaris and the Linux operating system.

The new release introduces complete schema extraction and SQL scripting of database objects. With a click of a mouse the SQL DML (data manipulation language) for tables, views, stored procedures and all database objects may be scripted to a query window. SQL history capabilities provide complete and easy access to the history of all SQL statements and scripts executed. A new popup query window provides the flexability to open multiple query windows side by side to compare scripts and query results.

The Query Analyzer window now also includes support for Oracle’s DBMS_OUTPUT package and ‘Text History’, which provides quick access to a history of query results. An enhanced Query Analyzer includes support for openning scripts and saving results in different encoding types, printing of scripts and results, server side comments, enhanced syntax coloring and more. Version 3.5 also comes with improved memory consumption and up to 600% increased query performance. Additional database support includes PostgreSQL 7.3 with new schema support and Trusted Connection support for Microsoft SQL Server through an ODBC interface.

Aqua Data Studio provides an integrated database environment with a single consistent interface to all major relational databases. This allows the database administrators and developer to tackle multiple tasks simultaneously from one application. Aqua Data Studio’s sophisticated Query Analyzer allows users to work on database scripts with specific RDBMS syntax highlighting and auto-completion to develop and test scripts, including detailed client statistical information and multi-grid results. Its graphical browsing capabilities allow you to understand the structure and dependencies of the database schema at a click of a mouse and to easily browse and select database scripts. Aqua Data Studio is similar in functionality to tools from leading vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft, Embarcadero Technologies, Quest Software and BMC Software.

Availability and Pricing

Aqua Data Studio is available for immediate download at A complete list of new features and descriptions may be viewed at Screenshots of Aqua Data Studio may be viewed at Aqua Data Studio licenses for personal and educational use are free with a commercial license of $69(US) per user with quantity discounts.

About AquaFold, Inc

AquaFold, Inc, is a provider of database software tools for relational databases. More than 50,000 users, including users from over 90 different countries, use AquaFold’s product to design, develop and administer their relational databases. AquaFold is headquartered in Mountain View, CA.

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