Aqua Data Studio 4.5 provides reverse engineering for relational databases

Mountain View, CA — 8/30/2005 — AquaFold, Inc today announced the availability of Aqua Data Studio 4.5, the latest version of Aqua Data Studio, which provides database administration features for all major relational databases in one easy interface. With Aqua Data Studio 4.5, AquaFold continues to ease the design, development and maintenance of enterprise relational databases. With the growing use of both commercial and open source databases in enterprise environments, database developers and administrators need tools to migrate schema designs and data between database vendors. Aqua Data Studio’s new features allow users to extract data and database designs, visualize them and migrate them to other database vendors. Developed with the Java programming language, Aqua Data Studio supports all major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Solaris and the Linux operating system.

The new release includes a script generator with the ability to reverse engineer a database schema design and generate the appropriate SQL commands to reconstruct the schema. The reverse engineered schema may also be used to generate entity relationship (ER) diagrams to visually understand the design and relationships in the database. The new procedure editor provides an environment to easily edit, compile and run stored procedures. The procedure editor may be used to edit procedures and functions, and on the Oracle database, packages and PL/SQL statements. Additional enhancements to the visual explain plan ease SQL statement tuning, including an explain plan whiteboard which allows database administrators to easily compare explain plans. The new and enhanced query tool includes more customization features which allow users to configure the query tool precisely to their needs. Additional database support includes Informix 10, Sybase ASE 15 and MySQL 5.0

Aqua Data Studio provides an integrated database environment with a single consistent interface to all major relational databases. This allows the database administrators and developers to tackle multiple tasks simultaneously from one application. Aqua Data Studio’s sophisticated Query Analyzer allows users to work on database scripts with specific RDBMS syntax highlighting and auto-completion to develop and test scripts. Aqua Data Studio is similar in functionality to tools from leading vendors such as BMC Software (BMC), Embarcadero Technologies (EMBT) and Quest Software (QSFT).

Availability and Pricing

Aqua Data Studio is available for immediate download at A complete list of new features and descriptions may be viewed at Aqua Data Studio licenses for personal and educational use are free with a commercial license of $149(US) per user.

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