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  AquaFold Aqua Data Studio Quest Toad Data Point Pro with Analytics JetBrains Datagrip DBeaver Enterprise Edition SQuirreL SQL Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Oracle SQL Developer
Native database platforms 30+ 20+ 14+ 4 - SQL Server 7
Additional database platforms via JDBC/OBDC
    30+ 20+    
Search database objects
Create and edit schema
Compare and synchronize schema
    compere only    
Generate DDL
Diagram entity relationships
Autocomplete SQL code
Autocomplete object names
Visually build SQL queries
Execute and analyze queries
Profile SQL code
Debug SQL code
View SQL history
View query plans
Compare data
Import and export data
export only  
View and filter query results
Compare query results
Create visual analytics charts
Compare files and folders
Integrate with version control


Discover Why AquaFold Has the Best Database IDE

Use the same database IDE to manage more than 30 database platforms natively plus more via JDBC and ODBC. Also, get powerful visual analytics built into the same tool. That is 2-in-1, plus so much more.

Several tools can compare schema, but only Aqua Data Studio can also synchronize schema and even compare data, query results, files, and folders.

Compared to Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, Aqua Data Studio can compare schema, data, query results, files and folders, and synchronize schema. Furthermore, Aqua Data Studio can autocomplete and profile SQL Code, view SQL history, and create visual analytics charts.

Compared to Quest Toad Data Point Pro with Analytics, Aqua Data Studio can search database objects, create, edit, compare, and synchronize schema, and generate DDL. Furthermore, Aqua Data Studio can autocomplete SQL code and object names, execute and analyze queries, and profile and debug SQL code. Additionally, Aqua Data Studio can compare query results, files, and folders, plus also integrate with version control.

Compared to DBeaver Enterprise Edition, Aqua Data Studio can create, edit, and synchronize schema, generate DDL, autocomplete SQL code and object names, and visually build, execute, and analyze queries. Furthermore, Aqua Data Studio can debug SQL code, view SQL history, and view query plans. Additionally, Aqua Data Studio can compare and import data, view, filter, and compare query results, create visual analytics charts, and compare files and folders.

Aqua Data Studio can do it all for more platforms with one user-friendly interface!

Download a free 14 day trial of Aqua Data Studio right now and discover for yourself how it can make your life simpler, save your company time and money, and help make you a rock star in your organization.