Aqua Data Studio New Features by Release

Refer also to the changelog.

Version Release Date New Features
Version 23.1.0 January 2024

Support for PostgreSQL 15, SQLServer 2022, Google Big Query stored procedures, SSH tunneling without shell access and JDBC driver updates.

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Version 23.0.0 August 2023

Support for MongoDB 5 and Informix 14Bug fix

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Version 22.3.3 May 2023

Bug fix

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Version 22.3.2 April 2023

Support for Apple macOS Ventura 13.2

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Version 22.3.0 March 2023 Support for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) and updated data source versions and drivers
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Version 22.2 July 2022 Added dark theme for entire GUI and improved security via Java version 11.0.13.
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Version 22.1 October 2021 Various bug fixes and enhancements.
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Version 22.0 May 2021 Support for new cloud database platform SingleStore (MemSQL), expanded support for PostgreSQL 13.1 and Teradata 17.5, support for unit testing for SQL Server and PostgreSQL, expanded data compare with interactive wizard…
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Version 21.1 January 2021 Support for Amazon Athena; Support for MongoDB Import and Export using JSON; Support Latest Version of VoltDB to handle DDL in a SQL Editor Window; Multiple Driver Updates for Current Supported Databases…
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Version 21.0 December 2020 New task Scheduler for macOS; Data Masking Feature; New Licensing Option; Task Scheduler For Projects, Random Table and Data Generator, Support Azure Synapse, Mongo DB Atlas; Support Latest Versions of Informix, Maria DB, Snowflake, SQLite…
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Version 20.6 May 2020 Edit BLOB and CLOB Data from Table Data Editor; Support Amazon Redshift’s External Databases, Schemas, and Tables; Single Sign-on Login for Snowflake; Support User-defined Table Types For Microsoft Azure SQL; Support Latest Versions of DB2 LUW, SQL Server, Oracle, and Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL…
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Version 20.5 January 2020 Platform Support for Amazon RDS; Platform Updates for Hortonworks (HDP), MongoDB, and PostgreSQL; Snowflake Enhancements; Query Validator for Google BigQuery; Windows SQL Scheduler Interface; SSH Tunnel Connections Configuration…
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Version 20.0 May 2019 New Platform Support for Embarcadero InterBase and Snowflake.
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Version 19.5 February 2019 New Support for MariaDB; Platform Currency for Apache Derby, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Teradata, and More; Updates for Amazon Aurora on MySQL and PostgreSQL and Google SQL Cloud on MySQL and PostgreSQL; Visual Analytics Enhancements…
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Version 19.0 May 2018 Flexibility Enhancements for Docking Framework, Schema Sync for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Sybase IQ, Visual Explain Plans for Hive, Spark, and Impala, MongoDB Support for Views, Decimal128 Data Type, and Collation, Object Search for Google BigQuery, Numerous Platform Version Updates, Enhanced Visual Analytics…
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Version 18.5 December 2017 Database Enhancements for Apache Cassandra, Vertica, BigQuery and Netezza, Improved Table Calculation Dialog, Open Workbook Processing, Label Deck for Bar Charts, Enhanced Table Data Editor, SQL History Archive, Key Bindings… Read more →
Version 18.0 March 2017 Redesigned Editors, Schema Synchronization, AquaScript Templates, Google BigQuery Enhancements, Visual Explain Plans for Amazon Redshift and Teradata, Connection Monitor, Enhanced Visual Analytics, MongoDB 3.4 Support, SQL Server 2016 Support, Newer Hive Distributions Support, PostgreSQL 9.5 Support, Vertica 8 Support… Read more →
Version 17.0 February 2016 SAP HANA Support, Google BigQuery Support, Apache Spark Support, MongoJS SQL Editor, DBA Tools for 11 more databases, Visual Explain Plans for 7 more databases, Excel SQL SELECT using WHERE, Excel Import Wizard, Enhanced Visual Analytics, Newer Hive Distributions Support, DB2 z/OS 11 Support… Read more →
Version 16.0 March 2015 Enhanced Visual Analytics, Pin SQL Editor Results, DB2 z/OS Visual Explain Plan, Improved Excel Performance, Sybase ASE 16.0 Support, Sybase Anywhere 16.0 Support, SQL Server 2014 Support, MongoDB 3.0 Support, Apache Hive 0.14 support, Amazon EMR Hive Support, Hortonworks 2.2 Support, Cloudera 5.2 Support… Read more →
Version 15.0 September 2014 Amazon Redshift Support, VoltDB Support, Visual Analytics, Revamped Query Builder, Vertica 7 Support, DB2 10.5 Support, MongoDB 2.6 Support, More Bulk Import Support, More Hive Distributions Support… Read more →
Version 14.0 October 2013 MongoDB Support, Hive Support, Cassandra Support, SQL Database (Azure) Support, Oracle 12c Support, Sybase IQ 16 Support, MySQL 5.6 Support, SQLite 3.7.15 Support, Revamped Git Client… Read more →
Version 13.0 April 2013 Greenplum Support, SQLite Support, Vertica Support, Netezza 7 Support, Sybase ASE 15.7 Support, Sybase IQ 15.4 Support, MySQL 5.5 Support… Read more →
Version 12.0 October 2012 FluidShell (automate your interaction with databases), Big Data Performance, More Powerful UI, Connection Pooling, Database Upgrades, SVN 1.7 Support… Read more →
Version 11.0 April 2012 ParAccel Support, MS SQL Server 2012 Support, SQL Log Capture, SSH Browser, ER Modeler Enhancements, Scripting Sybase ASE Server Role Permissions, Pivot Grid Enhancements… Read more →
Version 10.0 October 2011 SSH Environment, Multithreaded UI, Git & Perforce Support, Autosave Workspace, Compression Tool, PDF Viewer, OS Shell Integration, Shortcut Toolbar Folders, Grid & Pivot Grid Chart Enhancements… Read more →
Version 9.0 October 2010 OpenAPIs, AquaScripts, Netezza Support, Chart Enhancements, ER Modeler Enhancements, Table & Index Partitioning, Source Control Status Indicators, Form Results Tab, Configurable Query Results… Read more →
Version 8.0 October 2009 Memory Optimizations, Aster nCluster, DB2 z/OS, Teradata, Subversion 1.6, Object Search Tool, Schema Object Sorting, Schema Compare Tool Enhancements, Visual Editing Permissions… Read more →
Version 7.5 April 2009 Memory Optimizations, Localized to 21 Languages, JavaScript and Java Editors, Editor Enhancments, New Chart Types, Subversion 1.5, File Search Tool, DBA Tools Storage Manager… Read more →
Version 7.0 October 2008 ER Modeler, Apache Derby, Localized to 11 Languages, DB2 & MS SQL Server Debuggers, DB2 iSeries, MySQL & DB2 DBA Tools, Charts, Compare Tools, Version Control Repository Browsers… Read more →
Version 6.5 October 2007 Version Control Support for Subversion & CVS, Pivot Grid & Graphs, Grid Graphs, Grid Aggregate Functions, SQL [History] Archive, Results Compare Tool, Sybase & Oracle Debuggers… Read more →