Product Release: Aqua Data Studio 22.0

by | Jun 10, 2021

Aqua Data Studio is the industry leading multi-platform Database Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with Visual Analytics.

  • Data and Business Analysts love Aqua Data Studio for its Visual Analytics and scalable data management capabilities available on Windows, MacOS and Linux.
  • Database administrators love the cross-platform convenience and productivity Aqua Data Studio delivers for managing multiple database platforms through a single easy to use tool.

Whats new in this release: 

SingleStore (formerly MemSQL) has been added as a new, fully supported database platform providing the users with the below benefits and much more:

  • Modern and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Flexible administration of object and management of data with added DBA Tools
  • Efficient SQL editor, visual query builder and ER diagram modeler
  • Powerful data visualization and analytics with dashboards and reporting
  • In-depth comparison of schema, data, and files, and synchronization of schema
  • Easy integration with version control systems for SQL and files

Snowflake enhancements:

  • DBA Tool Sets have been added to help Database Administrators save time by providing a GUI to accurately capture and therefore manage their Storage, Resources and Security across their Snowflake Data Warehouses.
  • Added support of Store Procedures for Snowflake Developers and Database Administrators.  These users can now see and manage their database code directly from the treeview which results in saving time.
  • Security has been greatly extended by adding to its current offerings of Snowflake authentication and SSO.   This version adds the additional Key Pair authentication that allows the user to encrypt private keys to now connect to Snowflake.


New Unit test framework has been added supporting PostgreSQL and SQL  

Developers and administrators will benefit by creating unit test cases throughout the lifecycle making the coding process more agile and supporting the DevOps methodology.   Ultimately this allows the developers to improve the quality of the code while finding software bugs early and therefore facilitating changes quicker.  This ultimately reduces costs associated with these changes.

A New GUI for Data Comparison has been added to the current tool set

This has been one of our most requested items and this enhances our current results sets comparisons by providing users flexibility to specify the Primary Key, selected and sorted columns, table to query comparisons as well as creating delta scripts for table to table synchronization.  These comparisons benefit the customer by highlighting changes that might not have been taken into account or have been changed since last updated/reviewed.

Security enhancements

Turning off the not require passwords, therefore providing additional security.

Amazon Redshift support enhancements

  • With the new support of Stored Procedures for Amazon Redshift, Developers and Database Administrators can now see and manage their database code directly from the treeview, therefore saving time.
  • A new updated Redshift driver provides significant performance gains

Updates to existing database platform support

  • PostgreSQL added version 13
  • Teradata added version 17.5
  • Amazon Redshift, DB2 and MariaDB added support updated drivers
  • Many quality enhancements were added throughout the product, please see the release notes for the complete list

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 Aqua Data Studio helps database developers and administrators, and data and business analysts to manage data platforms and data, and visually analyze data. Unlike its competition, it provides a unique combination of a full-featured database IDE and visual analytics, the broadest range of native data sources, versatile import and export, advanced SQL query development and optimization, extensive comparison of databases and data, and powerful team collaboration.

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