The Benefits of Using an IDE for Database Developers

by | Jan 13, 2021

Diversified database platforms are the norm in modern computing environments. The demands of productively using enterprise data resources have made it virtually impossible for shops to standardize on a single database management solution. Data arrives in multiple formats that cannot all be handled efficiently by the same platform. 

Multi-platform environments pose challenges to everyone responsible for developing and maintaining corporate databases, and this includes developers. Team members need to be flexible and ready to move between platforms at a moment’s notice.

This may involve using different tools which can reduce productivity due to lack of familiarity. Consolidating the toolset can go a long way toward reducing the complexity of database development in this type of environment.

The Role of Database Developers

Database developers play an important role in enabling organizations to use their data assets effectively. There are a variety of technical and interpersonal skills necessary to be a successful developer. Following is an overview of the tasks you can expect to perform if you plan on a career as a database developer.

  • Analyzing current database coding to find potential areas for optimization. 
  • Translating business information requirements into code for both new and existing database solutions following company standards and performance expectations. 
  • Designing new databases that are stable, reliable, and address business requirements. 
  • Documenting various aspects of database activity, performance, and data governance.
  • Reporting on coding changes and maintaining change control over the database environment.
  • Working with clients and data analysts to turn business requirements into functioning databases.

Performing these duties requires excellent analytic and communication skills. Successful developers should have extensive knowledge regarding database design, data structures, and data management. Experience with project management can prove to be helpful as is the ability to work under pressure. SQL coding skills are also essential when developing databases.

Many developers prefer to use an integrated development environment (IDE) to get their work done. The right IDE can increase productivity and help ensure projects are completed on time and fulfill user requirements. The challenge is in finding an IDE that addresses the needs of a multi-platform developer. 

An IDE to Help Tame the Complexity

Aqua Data Studio offers database developers a comprehensive IDE that supports a wide range of platforms and provides features designed to help increase productivity and efficiency. It’s a great tool for increasing the productivity of developers working in multi-platform environments while making their work lives easier at the same time. 

  • Using Aqua Data Studio enables developers to navigate between over 30 different database platforms from a unified interface, resulting in immediate productivity gains. Familiarity with the tool and its features lets the team operate more efficiently across all databases in the environment. 
  • Once systems have been accessed, developers can easily drill down into objects on a granular level. They can step into code and perform debugging activities with a few clicks. 
  • Working with SQL queries is streamlined by an automated query builder and a versatile query analyzer. You can execute statements and immediately obtain result sets to fine-tune code. Execution plans can be displayed for more complex SQL statements. ER diagrams of tables and views can be generated for forward engineering. 
  • Version control is a critical consideration for database developers. Aqua Data Studio supports Subversion, CVS, Perforce, and Git repositories, enabling developers to use whichever version control framework they prefer.

These are just a few features that provide benefits to database developers in multi-platform environments.  An IDERA video is available that presents an overview of the beneficial features of Aqua Data Studio for database developers.

It’s only about ten minutes long and demonstrates how to use the tool to accomplish many database development tasks. Individuals interested in using Aqua Data Studio efficiently should take a few minutes and check it out.

 Aqua Data Studio helps database developers and administrators, and data and business analysts to manage data platforms and data, and visually analyze data. Unlike its competition, it provides a unique combination of a full-featured database IDE and visual analytics, the broadest range of native data sources, versatile import and export, advanced SQL query development and optimization, extensive comparison of databases and data, and powerful team collaboration.

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