Deactivation for Evaluation or Commercial use

Please review this documentation to see how to Deactivate the software for evaluation or commercial use.

Thank you for considering Aqua Data Studio.
If you have any technical questions, or are in need of support, please visit our support page.
For licensing questions, please visit our licensing page.

Online Activation

Online Deactivation Step 1

Step 1:

To Deactivate, click the Deactivate button in the bottom right corner of the License dialog.

Deactivation Dialog Step 2

Step 2:

To confirm your deactivation, click the “Yes” button.
Aqua Data Studio will deactivate and exit.

Manual Deactivation

Manual Deactivation Step 1

Step 1: Click the Manual Deactivation button in the Help > License Dialog. You will be shown
an authorization code. Copy this code by clicking the “Copy to Clipboard” button above it.

Click the link at the top of the manual deactivation window,
which launches your browser and directs you to a page where this
code will automatically be pasted.

Manual Deactivation Step 2

Step 2: Click “Get Deactivation Code”. A response
code will be generated in the right-hand side of the page. Copy
the contents of the Deactivation Code box.

Manual Deactivation Code Pasted

Step 3: Paste the deactivation code from the web site into
the right-hand side of the Manual Deactivation dialog of Aqua Data
Studio and click “OK”.

Manual Deactivation confirmation

Step 4:

To confirm your deactivation, click the “Yes” button.
Aqua Data Studio will deactivate and exit.

Configure Proxy Settings

Deactivation Proxy Settings Button

Step 1: If you are behind a proxy server, click the Proxy Settings button within the Help >
License dialog.

Deactivation Proxy Settings

Step 2: In the resulting window click “Detect Settings”. This should automatically fill out your
proxy settings. If required, fill in your user name and password settings. If you know your
proxy settings, check “Use Proxy Settings to Access the Internet” and fill in the information
proxy settings yourself.