AquaFold releases Version 7.5 of Aqua Data Studio in 21 languages, with Performance Enhancements for Business Analysts, Software Developers and Database Administrators

Sunnyvale, CA — April 27, 2009 — AquaFold, Inc. has released Aqua Data Studio 7.5, a major upgrade to its powerful database administration software that makes it simple to visualize and manipulate multiple databases from within a single interface. The application has proved to be a boon for Business Analysts, Software Developers, and Database Administrators (DBAs), who can save time and money in the design, development and maintenance of enterprise relational databases by consolidating their efforts into one versatile, multi-platform application. Aqua Data Studio 7.5 supports tools for Oracle, DB2 for LUW, DB2 for iSeries, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, Informix, Apache Derby and PostgreSQL on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Solaris and the Java Platform.

“It remains the Swiss Army Knife tool for database administrators, business analysts and software developers who work daily with enterprise relational databases,” says lead software architect Niels Gron. “In version 7.5 we’ve continued listening to our users to add the features they want: faster performance, a new File Search Tool to scan the entire contents of files, new editors for Java and JavaScript, additional charts and internationalization into 21 languages.”

In fact, users will notice an immediate performance boost in Aqua Data Studio v7.5, with an interface twice as fast as previous versions, as well as a faster initial launch time. Memory consumption when retrieving sizeable Text and Grid result sets has been reduced by 40%, allowing users more flexibility when visualizing large amounts of data. Localization of the globally popular software has expanded to include nine additional languages—Dutch, Polish, Czech, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Greek and Hindi—bringing the total to 21.

Aqua Data Studio’s new File Search Tool in v7.5 allows users to search quickly through the entire contents of files in version control repositories. Invoking the File Search Tool from mounted scripts folders in the schema browser, or the scripts tree, searches all files or directories within them. Because searching works efficiently in a background thread, users are free to continue working with Aqua Data Studio’s other tools as the searches progress.

Version 7.5 also features two new editors for Java and JavaScript, which boast all of the robust editing features users have come to expect in Aqua Data Studio’s other editors. All editors now include user-positioned bookmarks and hot keys for quickly navigating to multiple locations within individual documents. Syntax highlighting of SQL statements are now saved in RTF format when copying to the clipboard, preserving text coloring when pasting into Microsoft Word or an email client.

For business analysts, nine additional chart types have been added to assist in visualizing relational data, including: Clustered Column Chart, Stacked Column Chart, Clustered Bar Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, Stacked Line Chart, Scatter Plot Chart, Bubble Chart, Open-High-Low-Close Chart and Candlestick Chart. These new charts, in addition to support for Subversion (SVN) 1.5 and more than 20 other enhancements to Visual Editing, the ER Modeler, DBA Tools, SQL Debuggers, Schema Comparisons and SQL History, make Aqua Data Studio v7.5 the most powerful version yet.

Aqua Data Studio 7.5 is available for immediate download at A complete list of new features and enhancements may be viewed at Language packs are available in: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Greek, Hindi, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified) and Japanese.

The cost of a single-user commercial license for Aqua Data Studio 7.5 is $399.00 USD. Current license holders with expired subscriptions can renew their subscriptions for $139.65 USD, just 35% of the new license price. Multi-license purchase discounts are also available and can be viewed at

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