How Data Professionals Can Get More Out of Snowflake and other DBMS with Aqua Data Studio

Increasingly, one expects business users to be technical. They are involved in storing, managing, and processing data. However, managing and manipulating data within databases (including managing performance and security) has traditionally required either:

1.Native graphical user interface (GUI) clients with limited functionality.

2.Fluency in programming languages such as SQL scripts.

Watch this video to learn about the capabilities and benefits of Aqua Data Studio, including:

*The easy-to-use and powerful GUI client that works with Snowflake and many other DBMS, and provides additional functionality to the native GUI client of Snowflake. 

*How you can merge and use one tool for all of your database platforms, reducing the learning curve and cost, and increasing the ease of migrating data from one platform to another. 

*Its compatibility with all the major operating systems (Windows, Linux, and macOS) 

*Its support for languages including English, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish

*Its support for multiple personas allowing different people in an organization to use the same tool, improving communication, and collaboration


Lisa Waugh is a Senior Product Manager at IDERA Software for the Aqua Data Studio database IDE tool. She has over 15 years of database industry experience, including speaking engagements and presentations on database tools and technologies, and enjoys defining the direction for database development solutions.