Aqua Data Studio

IDERA Live | Doing More with Less: Managing Multiple Database Roles and Platforms

In today's ever-changing world, many database professionals must take on multiple roles, often combining database administrator, developer, DevOps, or analyst into one job. This is challenging on its own, but becomes even more difficult with more complex database deployments and multiple database platforms. Whether you are performing database administration, development, or data visualizations, learning the differences between the platforms can be time-consuming, and switching between tools for each function requires too much time and effort. However many tasks or database platforms you’re trying to manage, you want an easy-to-use single tool that can automate and simplify your day-to-day activities so that you can productively focus on the most important items. IDERA’s Lisa Waugh will share key considerations for choosing a database tool and how different roles can accomplish their goals effectively using Aqua Data Studio.

Speaker: Lisa Waugh is a Senior Product Manager at IDERA Software for the Aqua Data Studio database IDE tool. She has over 15 years of database industry experience, including speaking engagements and presentations on database tools and technologies, and enjoys defining the direction for database development solutions.