Aqua Data Studio

Webcast: Manage MySQL and MongoDB Queries with Confidence

As data continues to expand, the types of databases for containing and managing that data have also increased beyond standard on-premises relational formats. Many companies are expanding their environments to include cloud or NoSQL databases as one size does not fit all.

Database professionals often find themselves struggling due to the inability of proprietary tooling to effectively access and manage these diverse databases. What if you could efficiently access and manage data on proprietary, open-source, cloud, and NoSQL platforms with a single tool?

IDERA's Senior Product Manager, Lisa Waugh will discuss the best approach for dealing with the growing challenges of accessing and managing data on all of these different database platforms using Aqua Data Studio. Join this webinar to learn how Aqua Data Studio can help you:

  • Create and modify queries, scripts, and other source code.
  • View statistics of an execution plan for a query to enhance performance.
  • Quickly summarize and visually analyze large amounts of data in grids, tables, and charts.

Speaker Bio: Lisa Waugh is a Senior Product Manager at IDERA Software for the Aqua Data Studio database IDE tool. She has over 15 years of database industry experience, including speaking engagements and presentations on database tools and technologies, and enjoys defining the direction for database development solutions.