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Your data shouldn’t be so hard to handle

Snowflake supports a wide range of workloads—from data warehousing and data lakes to visual data analytics. It allows you to deliver as much data as you need to as many data consumers that need it. But you also must manage it day-to-day. Gathering data from and delivering data to the many segments of your organization can become unwieldy.

You need a tool that can not only ease the pain of your Snowflake migration but can also help you organize your data, analyze it, and create meaningful insights to share with your team. You need Aqua Data Studio.


Take control of your data in Snowflake with Aqua Data Studio

The larger your business grows, the more data you have. But that doesn’t mean it must become more difficult to manage. We’ve created a visual database management tool that streamlines every step—it’s a query builder, SQL debugger, and analytics solution.

Aqua Data Studio is a universal database IDE unlike anything else

More than just a database design tool, it enables you to find the data you want, understand it, and share a usable version of it with others—more quickly and easily than ever before.


Database Administrators

Do you spend too much of your day putting out fires? We’re here to take that stress off your plate. Discover how Aqua Data Studio’s lightweight tools help you define and identify tables, columns, indexes, views, and enable you to compare and synchronize the DDL of schema objects between databases.



Need to meet increasing performance demands with limited resources? We give you the tools to manage SQL queries and improve application performance. We also reduce the time you spend on developing. You can easily add Aqua Data Studio to your existing workflow, without sinking a lot of time and energy into training.

Data Architects

Working with data architecture means you need to easily translate and present technical information to the business side of your organization, and you need it quickly and easily. Aqua Data Studio improves the visibility of information and data through web-based publishing and collaboration tools. It also helps you manage change with version snapshots, so you can work closely with DBAs before application.

Data Analysis

You need to access multiple platforms so you can collect data from queries and put it in useful formats for evaluation and analysis. But many tools that help you do that are highly technical and have a steep learning curve. Aqua Data Studio simplifies the process by giving you the right amount of detail while letting you create beautiful visualizations and dashboards of data to identify patterns and trends.

Achieve more with less

The push for organizations to do more with less means that cost-cutting efforts like process improvement and organizational realignment are more important than ever before. This is making database integrated development environments (IDEs) a critical tool for data-driven businesses.

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