• Request Support

    Direct Email Support

    When contacting support, please provide the following information:

    1. Copy the technical information available in the Aqua Data Studio menu Help -> Support Information
    2. Include any screenshots to illustrate the problem, if applicable.
    3. Make sure to tell us the database server vendor and version you have problems with.
    4. Include any application logs, which are located in <USER_HOME>\.datastudio\logs ( learn more )
    5. Include any JVM crash logs, which are located in the application installation folder.

    You may email the above information to the support email address,, which is indicated in the Aqua Data Studio -> Help -> Support Information dialog.

    Please copy the contents of the text box by clicking on the "Copy to Clipboard" button and include it in the e-mail you send to our support team.

    Please note: if you do not provide this information when contacting our support team, we will request it from you in our response e-mail. This may delay effective resolution of the issue.

  • Support Hours

    8:00am-6:00pm CST

    Support Days

    Monday - Friday (Except business holidays as observed by AquaFold)

    Guaranteed Response Time

    24 Business Hours

    Average Response Time

    8 Business Hours

Bug Reports, Feature Requests and Ongoing Development

Bugs Reports.

If you find something in the application which just doesn't work, then email us so that we may fix it. Do not assume that we are aware of the bug. E-mail us at the address indicated in the Support Information dialog (see screenshot above).
Alternatively, you can also log issues in our issue tracking system.

Features Requests.

Is there a specific feature that you think would save you hours of work on a daily basis, or a feature that would just make you happier? E-mail us at the address indicated in the Support Information dialog (see screenshot above). We enjoy adding features that users will actually use - not features we "think" users will use. If you don't tell us about features you need, how will we know?

Ongoing Development.

Ongoing development of Aqua Data Studio, Aqua Data Server and AquaClusters is discussed in an open community through our issue tracking system. You can sign up for a free account in AquaClusters and participate in community discussions on future features and anything related to our 3 products, or simply monitor the ongoing discussions. New builds with bug fixes and new features are released every few weeks for continuous feedback.