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Geek Sync Webcast: Tips for Data Warehouses and Other Very Large Databases

Whether on-premises or in the cloud, DBAs are often asked to create and manage optimal database designs for data warehouses, data lakes, and many other very large databases (VLDBs) using relational database management systems. These databases will be used for business intelligence, data mining, and data analytics. They are radically different than traditional online transaction processing (OLTP) systems. So what special design concerns will be faced? What database editions and features to rely upon? What kind of query execution plans should be sought?

Join IDERA and Bert Scalzo as he covers all pertinent issues, which some may even consider best practices, for such highly specialized database requirements. While the basic concepts will be universally applicable, examples will be primarily in Oracle, with some also in MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL.

About Bert: Bert Scalzo is an Oracle ACE, author, speaker, consultant, and a major contributor for many popular database tools used by millions of people worldwide. He has 30+ years of database experience and has worked for several major database vendors. He has BS, MS and Ph.D. in computer science plus an MBA. He has presented at numerous events and webcasts. His areas of key interest include data modeling, database benchmarking, database tuning, SQL optimization, “star schema” data warehousing, running databases on Linux or VMware, and using NVMe flash based technology to speed up database performance.

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