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Webcast: Differences and Similarities of Working With and Supporting Multiple Database Platforms

In the ever-changing world of technology, we sometimes inherit environments with multiple database platforms and must continue to manage them. This can result in many challenges – from deploying and maintaining code for different backends, to development challenges for teams unfamiliar with other technologies, to understanding the unique best practices for these other environments. As the role of database professionals change, it is important to stay current and extend skill sets.

In this webcast we will take a look at how to approach some of these challenges and look at some of the similarities and differences when working with various database platforms like SQL Server, MongoDB, Azure SQL, etc.

Join us for this free webcast to get insights for working on multiple database platforms.

About the Speaker: Tim Smith began working with technology in high school, helping his 1A Texas high school place and win in the TCEA competition. He continued his journey with a heavy interest in data, especially predicting future outcomes with the stock market, global resource use, and individual success markers. He works as a SQL Server database administrator and developer at Amherst Securities and as a Senior MongoDB database administrator and developer at RS Consulting Partners He also teaches Mastering ETL Development Through Automation on Udemy.

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