How Aqua Data Studio contributes to the Delivery of a Successful Data Fabric

What is Data Fabric?

The idea of a “Data Fabric” started in the early 2010’s. Forrester first used the term in their published research in 2013. Since then, many papers, vendors, and analyst firms have adopted the term. The goal was to create an architecture that encompassed all forms of analytical data for any type of analysis with seamless accessibility and shareability by all those with a need for it.

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How does Aqua Data Studio contribute to Data Fabric?

 Aqua Data Studio is a toolset that supports the DBA in this deployment process. This is an essential element for Data Integration Engineers that write SQL scripts or utilize a data migration tool to move data and Data Analysts that build scripts and reports to visualize the data for consumption by other key stakeholders.


Want to find out more about IDERA Data Fabric?

For a wider understanding of the IDERA Data Fabric and to understand how key technologies are combined within a single framework to deliver improved efficiency and cost, improved availability, improved security and governance, and reduced risk we invite you to watch the webinar, presented by Claudia Imhoff, or you can request a copy of Claudia Imhoff’s whitepaper.


WhitepaperCreating a Successful Data Fabric for Your Enterprise
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WebinarCreating a Successful Data Fabric for Your Enterprise