To generate an original quote for a first time buyer, use our online quote form. You may generate multiple quotes if end users wish to explore multi-year subscription pricing.

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To generate a renewal quote, use our renewal quote form. If there are multiple licenses on an order, you need only enter 1 license key for the form to recognize the entire order. If you do not have the license key, you must get this information from the end-user.

Generate a Renewal Quote

*If a license key is expired and is outside the window of renewal, the renewal form will notify you of this. The only course for obtaining a current key is to purchase anew.


To coterm multiple renewal quotes, please email with the Order ID’s and/or expiration dates for the licenses you wish to combine. Coterming can only be performed during a yearly renewal.


Aqua Data Studio pricing is on a per-user basis with quantity discounts. The prices below will be reflected on a quote automatically.

- 1 to 20 users $499.00 per user
- 21 to 50 users $469.00 per user
- 51 to 100 users $439.00 per user
- 101+ users $409.00 per user


Aqua Data Studio is priced very competitively in the market. As such, we do not offer any reseller discounts at this time.


Licensing information can be found here


AquaFold Aqua Data Studio is available for electronic download only.

Orders are processed in the order payment is received. Once processed, license key(s) and instructions are sent directly to the contact listed in ‘ship to’ on the quote.

Requests made of our Customer Success Team are processed in the order they are received. Our current customer service hours are reflected here. Note that our organization uses our quote number and invoice number for order tracking. Your internal PO numbers (or other reference numbers) are not used for our internal reference. If you need additional information on a current or previous order, you must provide an AquaFold quote number, invoice number, or license key.