Amazon Redshift Database IDE

Amazon Redshift[1] has become Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) fastest-growing service. This comes as no surprise due to the data warehouse product’s ability to readily access data and extract it for high-quality query results and valuable business reports. Amazon Redshift is able to speedily, and reliably, process gigantic data worksets because it combines two technologies column-oriented database and massively parallel processing (MPP). Amazon Redshift allows existing business intelligence tools to process several queries and reduce workload. 

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Aqua Data Studio for Amazon Redshift

Managing Amazon Redshift’s relational database is made easier with Aqua Data Studio’s administration and database query tools. The Redshift Instance Manager provides GUI view and search access for filtered query histories or instance summaries. And Aqua Data Studio’s Redshift Security Manager offers views and search access for views focused on trees, users or groups. These are just a few of the powerful tools included in Aqua Data Studio’s suite that offer efficient management of the Amazon Redshift server.

Support: Schema Navigation | Visual Editing | DDL Scripting


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