Aqua Data Studio for MariaDB

MariaDB[1] is an open source database server, developed as an alternative to MySQL. It provides customers with a SQL interface and MySQL compatibility through its exact matching of MySQL APIs and commands. MariaDB is used across many industries and applications for its rapid, and scalable, ability to convert data into structured information. Customers choose MariaDB over MySQL because it is continuously in development with updates quickly, and seamlessly, transmitted to customers. It also supports a robust number of storage engines and is more powerful than MySQL when handling large data sets.

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Aqua Data Studio provides customers the ability to register, connect, query and analyze relational databases stored in MariaDB, including Amazon RDS connections. Use the streamlined Visual Editing UI to create MariaDB database objects, such as schemas, tables, views, functions and more. Or create insightful data charts using the drag & drop interface within the Visual Analytics visualization tool. Aqua Data Studio also provides import and export tools, query builder, ER modeler, compare tools, and other valuable features for working with MariaDB.

Support: Schema Navigation | Visual Editing | DDL Scripting


  1. ^ MariaDB Wikipedia article. MariaDB is a community-developed, commercially supported fork of the MariaDB relational database management system.