Aqua Data Studio for MySQL

MySQL[1] is the most popular open source database system for supporting websites with high-volumes of data and users. MySQL is based on standard SQL and designed specifically to support websites and web-based applications. Whether the user is a small business, or an enterprise company, MySQL’s system can be compiled on a variety of platforms to process large datasets, such as those associated with social media or e-commerce companies. Additionally, MySQL is supported by a strong open source community and is regularly updated to optimize performance.

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Using Aqua Data Studio with MySQL offers organizations a way to extract valuable insights from large amounts of data. Connect to MySQL, and use Aqua Data Studio’s Visual Analytics feature to turn query results into engaging data visualizations. Then share the visualizations with team members or clients to drive business decisions. Or fill analytics reports with custom data charts built using Aqua Data Studio’s flexible Chart Options feature. Aqua Data Studio’s feature-rich management and administration tools make working with MySQL easy and also support Amazon (AWS) Aurora, Amazon RDS, and Google SQL connections.

Support: Schema Navigation | Visual Editing | DDL Scripting


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