Aqua Data Studio for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL[1] is a robust open source relational database based on the SQL language. It has become a good option for developers and enterprise companies seeking a reliable, powerful, and feature-rich solution to storing and scaling complex data worksets. PostgreSQL can be deployed on all major operating systems and includes features for building applications and ensuring data quality.

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Aqua Data Studio makes it easy to manage PostgreSQL by providing administration capabilities and a database query tool. The administration features help users monitor and maintain the PostgreSQL server through tools such as an Instance Manager, Storage Manager and more. With these tools, users can simply access the Aqua Data Studio GUI to do everything from maintain tablespaces to manage users and permissions. The Aqua Data Studio database query tool allows users to execute PostgreSQL queries and quickly share the results via Excel or email attachment. Aqua Data Studio also enables connections through Amazon (AWS) Aurora, Amazon RDS, and Google SQL Cloud by providing full support for these platforms.

Support: Schema Navigation | Visual Editing | DDL Scripting


  1. ^ PostgreSQL Database Wikipedia article. PostgreSQL is an open source object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) developed by PostgreSQL Global Development Group.