Aqua Data Studio for Teradata Aster

Formerly Aster nCluster, Teradata[1] Aster is a multi-genre analytics solution that supports all functions of the data analytics lifecycle, from data sourcing to charting and visualization. Teradata Aster is more powerful than other databases because it combines multiple tools – Aster SNAP Framework, Aster Execution Engine, Hadoop, R, Spark, Graph – into one platform, thus providing a one-stop resource for developers and data scientists. Teradata Aster is built on Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) architecture with its database at the core and a supportive module suite operating above the core layer. The MPP architecture allows for processing of massive amounts of data across multiple nodes and a suite of SQL, MapReduce and Graph functions provide fast access to the data for discovering business insights.

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To integrate with the Teradata Aster platform, developers rely on Aqua Data Studio’s administration capabilities and database query tools. The Visual Analytics features allow users to pull query results from Aster then aggregate multiple datasets and build pivot tables and chart visualizations of the data in worksheets. If designing physical database models is the goal, the Aqua Data Studio Entity Relationship Modeler (ER Modeler) streamlines the process. From within the ER Modeler, developers can use the Forward Engineer feature to model entities and convert them into SQL Scripts, or Reverse Engineer existing databases to visualize a database model. These are just a few of the capabilities available when combining Teradata Aster and Aqua Data Studio.

Support: Schema Navigation | Visual Editing | DDL Scripting


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