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Video : Aqua Data Studio – Oracle DBA Tools

Explore the many features of Aqua Data Studio in this detailed demonstration. See a demonstration of the major features, including...


TechValidate : Natixis Global Asset Management

Natixis Global Asset Management, a Medium Enterprise Financial Services company in Hong Kong, benefits from entity-relationship di...


TechValidate : LivePerson, Inc.

LivePerson, Inc., a Medium Enterprise Computer Software company in the USA, improves database design consistency with Aqua Data Studio.


TechValidate : Fox Chase Cancer Center

Fox Chase Cancer Center, a Large Enterprise Health Care company in the USA, visualizes data and models entity-relationships with A...


TechValidate : Deutsche Bank AG

Deutsche Bank AG, a Global 500 Banking company, analyzes queries with Aqua Data Studio.


TechValidate : Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., a Large Enterprise Telecommunications Equipment company, connects to multiple database types with A...


TechValidate : Comcast Corporation

Comcast Corporation, a Global 500 Telecommunications Services company in the USA, improves query performance with Aqua Data Studio


TechValidate : Duke University

Duke University, an Educational Institution in the USA, produces their required results with Aqua Data Studio.


TechValidate : Anaqua

Anaqua, a Medium Enterprise Computer Software company in the USA, streamlines the SQL script management with Aqua Data Studio.


TechValidate : Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium

Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium, a Medium Enterprise Aerospace and Defense company, analyzes data from query results with Aqua Data S...


TechValidate : Aqua Data Studio

Learn more about what type of customers use Aqua Data Studio, how they use it, and what the results have been.


Infographic : Integrated Development Environments

In this infographic, learn about the benefits of using IDEs and important features of IDEs to improve various daily tasks of datab...


Infographic : Key Considerations for Selecting a Database Tool

In this infographic, learn about tasks that database professionals deal with on a regular basis and key capabilities to consider w...


Datasheet : Aqua Data Studio Datasheet

This datasheet contains a summary of key features and benefits of Aqua Data Studio.


Datasheet : Solutions for Data Professionals With Complex Database Environments

In this document, learn how IDERA's products help data professionals manage complex database environments and simplify data governance.


Datasheet : Database and IT Management Tools

Read this datasheet to learn about the portfolio of database tools and IT management tools that Idera, Inc. has to offer.


Whitepaper : Creating a Successful Data Fabric for Your Enterprise

Understand the biggest data fabric benefits to the modern enterprise, and learn how to create and implement a successful data fabric.